Thursday, September 23, 2010

Texas Trip/Baby Shower

And I thought August flew by! Wow, where has September gone?! It has been 1 month since I've updated, sorry! I will do a 28 week preggo update next week complete with a belly pic. For now, here is a 25 week belly pic!
Everything is going just fine.. I've had another Dr. appointment. Weight gain is still on track, blood pressure was perfect, belly size was good, heartbeat was prefect.. it was the quickest appointment yet! 2:00 appointment and we were out of the parking lot at 2:25 =) My appointments are every 2 weeks now so the next one is Friday, October 1st (I will be doing the glucose test).

But for now, I just wanted to share pictures from our quick weekend trip to Texas! We flew into Dallas on Friday afternoon and grabbed lunch at our favorite.. Taco Bueno. That night we went to the Texas Rangers vs. NY Yankees baseball game! Before the game, we got dinner at Dickey's BBQ (... and let me tell you, I still can't stop thinking about it! It was sooooo good!) It was actually a very good game (for baseball). Other than the H-E-A-T and the many, many trips to the bathroom, it was a blast!

Saturday was the baby shower!! Before the shower, we got lunch at PotBelly's .. what can I say, we like trying new restraunts (especially ones we don't have in Florida). It was delicious! Then we flew back to Florida Sunday morning. For sure our shortest trip to TX, but so worth it =)

(I have a few more pictures I wish I could add, but the picture uploader program is being cranky!) The baby shower was so wonderful!!! Most people drove many hours to be there. We received SO many gifts.. it was such a blessing, and we could NOT be more thankful!!


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