Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Couple of Firsts

Today was Wyatt's first time staying in the church nursery! (His first time staying with someone other than a family member too) He does really well in church with us ( Actually at all 3 churches we went to here in SA, we had an older lady come up to us and tell us they couldn't believe how quiet he was.. guess those old ladies are really watching the babies, lol) Anyways, ever since he's been crawling he is a little more wiggly though and I also want to get him familiar with it since that's where he'll stay during MOPS.
I really like how they have it set up. His room is 0-12 month olds. We get a pager when we drop him off and if they need us they just page us and our pager vibrates. Of course we were a little sad to leave him. In fact, when church got out we were walking as fast as we could (without looking crazy) to get to the nursery =) When we went to pick him up he was just busy playing. The 2 ladies told us "he's such a good baby!" which of course made this mama proud. And I told them he would be in there pretty often now and the 1 lady said, "Good, he's an easy one!" =) Here he is on his first nursery day with his backpack....

And of course after noticing the camera he had to take off for it...

I just bought one of those mesh feeders so we tried it out for the first time this afternoon. We froze some peaches and put a slice of peach in it. When we gave it to him he started laughing! It was cracking us up (so of course I grabbed the camera).. I think he was laughing because it was so cold.

After he got the giggles out of him, he went to town on his peaches! He. loved. them.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Church Home and MOPS

We are so happy to have found a new church home so quickly here in San Antonio! We are Concordia Lutheran's newest members =)

It is by far the largest church we have ever been members of... over 2,000 in attendance every weekend. We almost didn't even consider visiting it because of it's size... but, we're Lutherans and it's Concordia, how could we not visit?! lol Every week the message is so powerful (no matter which pastor is preaching) and we've just kept coming back week after week. We attend the 11:00 service on Sunday morning which is the contemporary service. (They also have Saturday night and then 8:00 and 9:30 on Sunday morning) We love the service, the music, the nursery program, the outreach, the huge emphasis on kids and the family.. I could go on. =)

I am most excited about the fact that I am signed up for MOPS "Mothers of Pre-schoolers." This is a group of moms that meets every other Friday for a time of food, fellowship, bible study, various guest speakers, ect. And then aside from the bi-weekly meetings, they do community service projects and volunteer work with various organizations. I am so excited to get involved with this program. It offers free childcare provided by the teachers from the church's Tiny Tots program. Wyatt will be in the baby room =) I am really looking forward to meeting other moms! My closest friend is 3 hours away right now, ha. (Love you, Erin!)

Look for a post soon on our weekend in Dallas!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy 7 Months!


  • Weighs 18 lbs. and I'm not sure how long he is but at 6 months he was 26 inches.
  • Wears size 3 diapers
  • Wears 6-9 month clothes... his growing has finally slowed down a bit. He's not growing quite as rapidly as the first 5 months and his Dr. said he's just falling into where his natural body type is going to be on the curve, so to speak. He's really right about average now. 
  • Never did extend his bedtime. Bedtime is still between 6:30-7:00 (no complaining from us though!) His schedule is wake up between 6:30-7 am. Solid feeding for breakfast then bottle and nap at 9:00. This nap is generally 1-1.5 hours. Another bottle and nap at 12:00 and at 3:00, but those are just 30 minute naps. I think if/when he extends his afternoon nap like his morning nap then he'll just need the 2 naps. But for now it is still 3. Solid feeding of dinner at 5:00, bath at 6:00, and bed 6:30-7:00. He still has 1 night feeding at about 2:00 am. Every once in awhile he seems like he's getting ready to drop the night feeding, but then I guess he wises up ;) Of course, this is his usual schedule but every once in awhile, sometimes for unknown reasons he'll have off wake-up times late at night or early in the morning... but those have just proved to be a "phase" like everything else, and then he falls back into his norm.
  • Has his 2 bottom teeth.
  • Loves to EAT! He has a solid feeding for breakfast and dinner. He is currently eating: Bananas, Apples, Pears, Avacado, Plum, Oatmeal, Carrots, Peas, Green Beans, and Squash. He is NOT a picky eater. He loves all of it. I'm hoping it stays this way. I'm always excited to try a new food with him and see how he'll "react," but he never has a reaction... he just eats it. LOL
  • Raises his arms up when he wants picked up.
  • Moved from his infant car seat to the convertible car seat. His infant seat was good until 25 lbs. but he just didn't seem comfortable anymore and was throwing more than usual fits every time we got in the car. 
  • Rubs his eyes when he is tired (always right on time for nap), but it is so stinkin' cute how he balls up his hand into a fist and rubs his eyes 
  • Sticks his tongue out a lot, especially when he is really concentrating 

  • Does this little bouncing movement when he hears music, so cute!
  • Is pulling up to a stand

I just barely caught it on video the other day...

  • And of course, the biggest new development is crawling! I have to say that I was not expecting to have a crawler at 6 months old. And now he is not only crawling but "exploring" the entire house. 
Here he is digging out my wallet and other papers from the diaper bag
And playing in a box of Tupperware (he'll play with this for an hour)
Checking out the new outlet covers, haha
Chewing on our dresser handles =)
He has figured out that he can play with the doors and they open and close. He attempts to get into the cat litter, food, and water but thankfully that's all behind closed doors in the laundry room. He pulls books off the shelves, chases the cats... needless to say, we have to keep our eyes on him at all times, or at least TRY =)! 
  • And he has the sweetest laugh that brings us more joy than we could have ever imagined!

The face that melts my heart...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Life on the Beach

So this is only a month late, but I'm finally posting pictures from our vacation!... the Mr.'s annual family get-together  in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We stay in a condo (actually 2 condos for all of us, thanks to Mr.'s Aunt Debbie) that is quite a bit secluded from the main beach area in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. I should have been posting daily while we were there, but vacation with a 5/6 month old was a whole new experience ;) But our week was full of long days on the beach, good food, nighttime beach crabbing, minute-to-win-it games, board and card games, a day at the movies and out for seafood, and more long days on the beach =) Here's what that looks like in pictures.....

Breakfast in bed ;)
Wyatt checking out his tent on the first day

Mr., his mom, and Wyatt

What a life... naptime on the beach

Just hanging out

Wyatt with his Great Uncle Paul
Our beach set-up

Sleeping on his Great Aunt Debbie
The guys grilling steaks

Jayia and Wyatt

Swimming with his Aunt Ashly

Gotta get that summer reading in too ;)

Mr.'s Family

With the Aunts

Mr.'s Mom and Aunts

Helping Aunt Ashly win!

Trying to wake up his 2nd cousin, Jay =)


Yes, he's with us =)

Can you figure out who the center of attention was?

Playing volleyball while a storm was brewing

I have so many more pictures and TONS of video! Mr.'s mom has some good video footage too that we are trying to put all together. We also had a professional photographer come out and do pictures on the beach of our whole group and individual families.. they turned out so, so good! 
Look for Wyatt's 7 month (7 months?!?!) update on Tuesday =)


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