Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

What a fun night!! Wyatt's first trick-or-treating experience! We went to a friend's house to trick-or-treat with Wyatt's best friend, Garrett. These boys are 3 days apart and just so cute together. I can hardly stand it. They play together, laugh at each other, give high fives, and say each other's name =) What gifts they are..... And who would have known that 22 month olds could trick-or-treat so well!! After the first house, they figured out what they needed to do. Garrett was great at knocking on the door and then they would just stand and wait, get their treats, say thank you and wave bye and go on to the next house. So much fun with these 2! Enjoy the pics...

Happy Halloween! Love to all =)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pinterest Party and a Perfect Fall Saturday

I'm all caught up now! On Wednesday night I had a "Pinterest Party" with MOPS friends at Kelly's house! We made a burlap wreath and it was SUCH a fun time!! Yummy food, awesome friends, and a crafting, it just doesn't get any better....

Today we had such a nice Saturday, I made sure I got right on here and posted pictures =) This morning we went to Hobby Lobby and I finished my wreath. Well..... I have to give most of the credit to Tyler!! His perfectionist tendencies kick in when I am doing a craft and he jumps in and works his magic, hahaha! So thanks babe!
It's super simple, but I LOVE it! I just mod podged scrapbook paper onto the wooden letter.
After naptime we went to a mini "pumpkin patch"

Then we went out to dinner at Cracker Barrell. Wyatt did SO good playing with that little game they have on the tables while we waited for our food. He's getting so big.

And we ended the day at the park! Of course! I feel like I spend half of my life at the park, LOL ... it's Wyatt's 2nd home, we know all the good parks in town ;)

The park we went too is really close to the airport, so we got to watch a couple airplanes take off too!

Happy FALL! My favorite time of year! We are going trick or treating with Wyatt's best bud, Garrett, on Wednesday night. I'll be back with pictures =)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Backtracking #2

Just some more pictures to share from August and September!
The first couple we just headed to the car to go somewhere but Wyatt wanted to bring this "box" of books with him and of course he wanted to carry his sippy cup too. It was just to cute =)

I posted one of these pictures on his 21 month update but here is the whole little "series" of sunglasses pics

This next one will always be one of my favorite pictures... it is my first ever totally fake "cheeeese" picture that I got when I told him "SMILE!"
And a couple more drawing pictures....

All of these moments are the reason I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom... at the end of the day when I think back on what we "did" it's the tiny moments like these that are etched into my heart. The time that I have with him is so, so very short and believe it or not, I know one day I will hardly remember these baby and toddler days that just seem to all blend together.... but that's why I try to capture so many moments on camera so I can look back and re-live these precious times. Feeling so incredibly blessed that God gave us this sweet boy to teach and cherish and love.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Backtracking and Updating

OK, seriously.. where has October gone?!? Time is just flying by! Wyatt's social calendar is keeping me running! ha, ha.. I'm only half-way kidding. =) Birthday parties, play dates, pre-school, MOPS, bible study, meetings, halloween parties and other get togethers.... it's no wonder I haven't blogged in a month. I'm trying to get my pictures organized on this lovely Friday night and realized that I have some pictures that are just too cute not to post even though they were taken over a month ago! eek. So I'm doing some backtracking =) As for Tyler, he is getting all settled in to this new job at USAA and loving it and doing well! (of course! He can do anything he sets out to do) Love him and so proud of him. He is also still flying and working on his commercial license.

And now for some pictures of little man from back in August! He got a hold of my camera and started snapping away! Wyatt's self photography....

I have about 30 pictures on my camera from that little "incident" LOL
And here's my little artist coloring away. He loves, loves, loves coloring, writing, and painting =)

I'll probably have a couple more posts of "backtracking" and then hopefully I will post some things from the actual month we are in before the month ends =)
Love to all!


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