Sunday, October 31, 2010

33 weeks

How far along? 33 weeks

Size of baby? 17 inches long and just over 4 pounds.. hard to believe!
Total weight Gain/Loss? 24 pounds
Maternity Clothes? For the most part, but I am still able to wear a couple things that are not maternity.
Gender? It's a Boy!

Movement? Movement is starting to feel a little differently.. I can tell he is getting a little cramped in there =)
Sleep? It is starting to get a little more difficult to get comfortable. When I am sleeping, I sleep really good. But it is starting to get harder to fall back to sleep after waking up for a trip to the bathroom.
Symptomns? Nasal Congestion (yes, still), some days I have the round ligament pain on the right side, some days the sciatic nerve pain makes an appearance, I have to pee about every hour, I am SO thirsty all day long (I've never drank so much water), and let's not forget to mention the forgetfulness.. "preggo brain" is no joke! (Let's just say I had 2 more symptomns to type and cannot remember them for the life of me right now) lol
Belly Button? I don't think it will ever pop out.. it's just flat.

What I am looking forward to? Having the nursery completely finished.. we are soooo close. And we are painting my belly a big pumpkin today =) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long Distance Family and Friends Baby Shower

My parents threw baby shower #2 for us yesterday here in Florida at our house. Unfortunately, my extended family is spread throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Kansas. And most of my close friends are out of state as well. My mom did an awesome job of getting us "showered" anyway though! We got many gifts sent to us in the mail and besides my immediate family, I had my best friend, Casey, her daughter, Jayla, and mom, Karin, come.. and also a very close friend that I met in North Carolina, Tiffany, drove down for the day. It was a small, but special, baby shower.
The theme was "Let's Feather Their Nest" =) So there was lots of feathers, birds, and nests!
I have a funny story about the cake... On Friday, my mom texted me and said, "I just picked up the cake and it made me laugh." I said, "oh no! A good laugh or a bad laugh?" and she said, "It's just not what I was expecting, it is unique." haha Here it is...
She was not expecting an actual "3D" bird in a nest! haha But everyone thought it was really cute. I think it's adorable. And it was definitely delicious :) (You can also see the invitation in those pictures)
My mom also made this T-Shirt for Tyler to wear....
It says "Wyatt's Daddy" Is that not so stinkin' cute? He sported it very proudly! I told him now he has a shirt to wear during labor and delivery too :)
And now just a few pictures
                                                               Chocolate fondue table!
My parents bought us the stroller/car seat combo and also the Pack N Play... we now have all the "big" baby items we needed!! I don't have any pictures of us opening gifts as they were all taken on my parent's camera. Maybe I'll post a few more pictures once I get those.
A BIG Thank You to my parents for being such a blessing to us and throwing such a wonderful shower! And all my family and friends that sent or came with gifts! My grandparents in Minnesota also called during the shower which I thought was so thoughtful. Wyatt is already so loved and we cannot wait for him to become part of this family!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks, 4 days

Size of baby? A little over 15 inches and 2.5 pounds

Total weight Gain/Loss? Up 19 pounds. I knew I would gain weight, but it is very weird seeing the scale go up week after week! I tried to gain weight for years, and now the pounds just keep packing on! haha

Maternity Clothes? .. are so comfortable!! =) I finally got a pair of maternity jeans and also a pair of black slacks. I have a handful of shirts now too. I still find myself buying non-maternity tops that are perfect for my belly. So I wear a mixture of both, just depends on the outfit.

Gender? It's a Boy!

Movement? All day long it seems! And he rarely wakes me up at night moving around (I think just twice).. so I'm hoping that's a good sign :)

Sleep? I have no problems in the sleeping department.

Symptomns? Nasal congestion/nose bleeds (I think I'll have this one the entire pregnancy), mild back/neck/shoulder pain (only if I'm on my feet to much), and those infamous, numerous bathroom breaks :) And I do deal with the occassional emotional outbursts where I cry a little to frequently for Tyler's liking, lol.

Belly Button? It's hard to describe, haha. Not an outie, but barely passing for an innie!

What I am looking forward to?
-Another baby shower, this time from my mom (both sides of the family)! Also, a very good friend from South Carolina will be coming for it! That is Saturday, the 16th. Then on Sunday, the 24th my co-workers are doing a shower for me at Olive Garden.
- And we start Childbirth Classes tonight!!

I am down to the every-other week appointments. (every other Friday) Every check-up has been a breeze so far. I am very thankful for this and hope it continues through the end!


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