Monday, June 27, 2011

More GeoCaching...Video!

Here is some video from the first few GeoCaches we hunted down with my Sister and Brother-in-Law! Enjoy!


Our New Hobby...GeoCaching!

A couple of weeks ago my Brother-in-law (Jason) introduced us to GeoCaching, which has become a new hobby for us. Well, if you asked the Mrs. she would say it has become an obsession. Either way, geocaching is super fun and addicting.

Here's how GeoCaching works. It's basically like a modern day treasure hunt.

  • A geocacher hides a treasure (cache) and publishes it's coordinates on the website. 
  • Then other geocachers see the cache on the site and plot the coordinates using their GPS units and hunt down the cache.
  • In every geocache there is a log book which victorious geocachers sign when they find it. 
  • Many caches also have small trade items (swag) that can be traded. 
  • Only two rules; 1) if you take an item replace it with something of your own 2) sign and date the log.

To play the game you will need;

  • A GPS enabled smartphone or handheld GPS.
  • A free membership at 
  • And the free smart phone app, c:geo.
Below are some snap shots of the site and a listed geocache.

And here are some photos of our first cache hunt's with my family.

Our first GeoCache

Our second cache

Jason finding a nano cache (very small)

Here are examples of the log and trade items.


Swag (trade item)

A couple more of different geocaches the Mrs. and I have found.

Me and W picked this one up at a local park.

This is the spaghetti cave cache listed above

A magnet cache under the lamp post skirt

Park n Grab at the Texas State Line Rest Stop

Huge cache that I found at a rest stop on Hwy 87 N

Mrs. found this one hanging behind a guard rail.
(nice eye babe)

In a worn out knot hole. I had to battle 
an army of daddy long leg spiders to get this one.

Cache was in a tree in a parking lot island
(That's a 8 foot climb up to the tree)

A jar with bark glued to it for camouflage 

Wyatt monkeying around while picking up this cache!

Can you spot the nano cache in this pic?

Yupp that's a logbook stuffed in a bolt that was at the seat 
where the Mrs. is sitting in the picture above. 

Well now you have been introduced to GeoCaching, give it a shot and I promise it will hook you. If so, request me(tytom) as a friend on 

P.S. I'm working on hiding a couple of my own cache's, I'll post them on here when I have them public on the site.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time to start baby-proofing the house....

.. This 6 month old is ready to take off!!! I am so not ready for this.. he already keeps me on my toes!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What in the world?!

All of a sudden, Wyatt loves his paci!! For the past 6 months he has only used his paci to fall asleep and even then he doesn't always want it. But in the last couple days, he has even started fussing for it while he's wide awake! So weird... but also so darn cute :)

Notice his farmer's tan in this video, hehe. The baby leggings he's wearing are just some we made around St. Patty's Day. They were our test ones, now that he's starting to scoot around we are going to get some more socks and make a few more!

P.S. Pictures of our house are up on the post below!

Our Home

A walk through our apartment in pictures...

When you walk in the front door, you are in the living room. You can see into the dining room and kitchen..

The kitchen is this center area...
(To the left is the dining room, which leads to our bedroom. Then to the right is a hallway with Wyatt's room and the laundry room, which leads to the bathroom)
Here's another view of the living room looking back at the front door...
So down the hall to the right of the kitchen is Wyatt's room....
(No more tree like his nursery in Florida, but we still put all the little forest friends up) =)

Walking down the hall, the laundry room is the door on the right (sorry, it was too messy to be included the day I took pictures, lol) At the end is the bathroom....
We only have 1 bathroom, but it's huge... we could use the square footage in the master bedroom instead, but that's ok, we love having 2 sinks!
The bathroom has a closet and a 2nd door which leads to our bedroom...  
Our bedroom...

The view looking back into the bathroom from our bedroom....
And then the other door in our bedroom leads back around into the kitchen and dining area (with the hall and laundry room on the other side)...

More kitchen...
(It opens into the dining area and living room)

Here are a couple of the playground right across the street and you can also see the outside of the buildings...
The neighborhood also has 2 pools, a workout center, and a clubhouse/hangout place with a pool table, big screen, ect.

We had to get rid of a lot of furniture and a lot of stuff to downsize, but we don't miss any of it and just love our cozy little place in Texas =)

-Mr. & Mrs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're Back!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately! We were on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama! Quite a few things to post about... Wyatt is 6 months old now, we have tons of vacation pictures and video to share, I still haven't posted pictures of our house here in Texas, and we have a new hobby to write about!! While we're working on those posts enjoy these videos of Wyatt from tonight at "bedtime" (a.k.a. "play with mom and dad just a little bit longer" time) Moments I wouldn't trade the world for....

And with that, he was ready for bed ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Wyatt is always pretty vocal while he is eating breakfast, but this morning he started saying "Mumm-Mumm"... or something of that nature .... (he was eating pears and then I snuck in some avacado at the end which is his newest food, and that made him stop talking, lol)

Well then later on in the day, he started saying "Maa-Maa" !! Me and Tyler both heard him and our eyes got big and we looked at each other.."Did you hear what I heard?!" I was just as proud as could be and quickly googled "When can a baby say 'mama'?" Totally busted my bubble when I read, "Between 4 and 6 months, baby will start saying "mama" but he is not equating the word with you." LOL, That's ok, I'll be sure to notate it in the baby book anyways :) All day he has been practicing his new verbal abilities (and making the funniest faces in the process!) .....

Yes, his outfit is soaked with drool... seems like tooth #2 is working its way in!


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