Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hi all!
Just testing out the Blogger app! We leave for our vacation to South Padre Island in 2 days!! We will be with all of Tyler's family... 7 days in a beach condo! Good food, sun screen, sand in our toes, laughing, story telling, games, homemade ice cream, swimming, reading, and relaxing.... Yes please!
I am hoping to keep up with pictures/blogging while we are there!! We'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wyatt Swims!

Wyatt is finally graduating from ISR swim lessons tomorrow!! Here's a video from yesterday's lesson of him doing the swim-float-swim in summer clothes. His swim teacher also simulated him falling into the pool a few different ways and he had to roll over and float until she was close enough for him to swim to her.... he did awesome! (I wasn't allowed to record that portion of the lesson)

Today's lesson was in winter clothes and then tomorrow he will go back to just a swim diaper and I'll be getting in the pool too, so she can show me how I need to be practicing with him. Wyatt absolutely LOVES swimming and we are so super proud of him!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July 2012

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year! We headed to Frdericksburg first thing in the morning for the Main Street 4th of July parade.... there is just absolutely nothing like a small town parade. I just love it. This post is probably not going to be all that interesting, but it's mostly for my Dad. He was "so jealous" of our small town parade! So I'm sharing all my awesome pictures I took =) My family will get a kick out of it =)
Wyatt's Gammy decorated this wheelbarrow for him!

At the parade

 Watching the flyover

The Parade

It was an excellent parade!!
Then we went back to the house and had some deeelicious food!

We had to head back to San Antonio early afternoon because Tyler had to close at work so it was just a routine night for me and Wyatt. He was out within minutes of getting into the car and fell asleep still holding his balloon, so sweet.

 Maybe next year we can do fireworks for the 1st time with Wyatt! This was his very first parade... I need to write that in his baby book =)

Man, this summer is just flying by!!! I need to write up a general update post... I just don't think to do that very often because I know my main (and few! haha) readers are family that already know what's going on with us. The next couple weeks are filled with hair cut appts., dentist appts., dr. appts., finishing up swim lessons, music class, library days, and Tyler is working 35-40 hour weeks and school/flying...... all that before our South Padre Island vacation in 3 weeks! wooo hooooo!


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