Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update and Naps

Not much of an exciting title, huh? After Christmas Break and the New Year we really just bummed out... I have a feeling it will be like that every year with Wyatt's birthday thrown into the mix of the hustle and bustle December brings with it =) We needed some down time.
The Mr. is in full swing with the Spring semester. He is taking 5 classes and is also going to try and fly everyday like he did last semester. One of his classes is an evening class, so 2 nights a week he has school until 8:30. The rest of the week nights he uses to study, write papers, ect. after Wyatt goes down, so like I told him a couple days ago... "I'll see you in May, honey!" lol He's going to be busy but I also know it will fly by.
In other news, me and Wyatt are doing great! The winter women's bible study started at church and instead of doing the evening bible study (because of the Mr.'s school) I am doing the Wednesday morning study. Wyatt moved up to the 12 - 17 month old room at church! So between morning bible study, MOPS on Fridays, and church on Sundays, all of which he does not get his morning nap..... his body decided it was time to drop it!! So now even when we are home he just started not taking a morning nap a couple days ago! I was thinking it was about time for that because he was starting to have a harder time with his afternoon nap. And sure enough, dropping his morning nap fixed his afternoon nap problems. So we are down to just 1 afternoon nap!! On the one hand, it's hard because that has always been my time to get ready for the day =/ But on the other hand it is nice because it really opens up our schedule a lot! As you all know, our schedule has revolved around Wyatt's naps for the last 13 months, haha. So it gives us a little more flexibility =) We have a good balance for the next few months I think.. I like him going to the nursery a couple days a week to "play" with other kids his age. He's real sweet on the teachers too (like he is to everybody) =)
So we are just in our "grind"! I have a couple things I need to blog about... but just wanted to "check in" and of course, post some new pictures of Wyatt!

Swinging at the park, he just laughs and laughs

Playing with flour

Eating a snack

Peek-a-boo! Looking underneath the chair

Tippy Toes! trying to look out the window

I was in the kitchen putting groceries away and he was in the living room digging through the rest of the grocery bags. He dug out the mushrooms and just helped himself! He gets into the produce drawers in the fridge nearly everyday.. you will very often find him chowing down on celery, carrots, red peppers, cucumber, ect. He already raids the fridge!

Getting a ride on the blanket

He loves going outside... he knows he has to put his shoes on to go out so here he is trying to get his shoes on =)

When we go somewhere, he walks to the car all by himself.. ahhh, he's getting big to fast!

He did this all by himself and when I took him down to watch him do it again I couldn't believe how easy it was for him =/ ack!

We took Wyatt's birthday donations to the Ronald McDonald House! Thank you for helping us be able to do that!! We learned that they take anything used too, as long as it is in working condition for the families. So consider the RMH next time you have a donation to bring to Goodwill!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a Video of Wyatt Feeding Himself

We were telling my parents on the phone tonight that Wyatt was feeding himself his yogurt, so just figured we'd share it with you all! =)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Visit Part 4 (Final)

On Friday, we had originally planned to go to Fredericksburg for the day but by Thursday night we were all pretty wore out and just wanted a day at the house. We had some things to do to get ready for the weekend. So I don't have many pictures from Friday. Then Saturday was Christmas Eve!
This is a little random but.... the Mr. has been begging me to go back to short hair for a while now (like almost 2 years lol). I was "considering" it for about the past year. On top of that, I only got 1 haircut in the past year! (Having a newborn is partially to blame and then moving and not having a hair stylist added to the problem) So needless to say, I was getting reeeally tired of my long hair. It was driving me crazy. For some reason, I finally decided to chop it all off while my family was here. I got a recommendation from one of the ladies at my MOPS table. I called, planning to set the appointment for the following week but she asked if I wanted to come in "tomorrow" (Christmas Eve), so I figured why not! So on Christmas Eve the Mr. and I took a little "day date" and went and got my haircut, out for coffee and cheesecake, to Target, and to the bookstore =) So here's my new do....

I can't even explain how much I love it! It feels sooo much better! Although it does require a little bit of "styling" but that's ok =)

While we were out, the rest of the gang did some Christmas baking and Dad did some reading (well, he did that nearly every day) =)

At 5:00 we went to the Christmas Pageant at church that was just wonderful!

After church we came home and had our Christmas Eve dinner. Then we opened a few presents. (My family's tradition on Christmas Eve is church, dinner, then open presents. Christmas morning was then 1 big present from Santa) Wyatt was ready for bed so we only opened a couple things that night. 

After we put Wyatt down, we opened the rest of our gifts. First, these pictures need some explanation... Chandler is very hard to shop for. He never wants anything for his birthday or Christmas. This year was no different. Every time we went out shopping my parents would ask what he wanted and he would say, "Nothing." (nothing wrong with being content right?! =)) My mom kept threatening that he would have no presents to open but he didn't care. Well, we played the Monopoly card game nearly every night and Chandler expressed that he would like to have his own Monopoly card game. So we picked it up at Target that day while we were out. We didn't even wrap it before giving it to him so here is Chandler with his only Christmas present.....
hahahaha .... Well then Dad says, "Hey, we have to at least make it look like it was wrapped! Hand me that wrapping paper!" .....
LOL.. My Dad is famous for his dramatic opening of presents for the camera

(To end the night, we played a couple rounds of Clue)

Christmas morning Wyatt opened the rest of his presents...

The rest of Christmas Day was spent playing with all the new toys, playing chess, eating our big Christmas Day dinner, visiting with the Mr.'s family who came over and webcaming with my brother's family in Virginia! 

(I love this picture! That's my niece and nephew =) ) 

And that sums up my family's visit! They headed home the next day. We had a blast and are so thankful for the time we got to spend together!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Visit Part 3

Thursday we spent the day at the San Antonio Zoo! We planned our days according to the weather forecast and Thursday was be-u-tiful!

"Hey Chan!" lol 

Watching the fish

One of the best things about being parents.. watching them learn and discover our world =)

He loooves his freedom of walking around!

... but he doesn't always go the right way!

Lunch (this picture cracks me up.. looks like my Dad is really showing off that piece of pineapple, Tyler's mouth is stuffed with food, Chandler has his famous picture face on, which kind of looks like Wyatt's too! lol)

 After lunch we went to the "Tot Spot" Everything was big and low for the little ones.. it was too sweet.

It had an indoor play area too..

Fishin' (Wyatt loved this)

And some group shots...

 (Wyatt took his afternoon nap in his carrier)

 Funny story.. the sun was really bright, so I took the picture and then I said "ok." Chandler said, "You already took it? I was waiting for you to tell me when so I could look up real quick." haha There were other people waiting to take pictures here so I said, "Oh well" (that's why he is looking at the ground) He keeps us  laughing if you can't tell =) Another great day! The last post will be our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pics!

P.S. Wishing a Happy New Year to all of our family and friends! 


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