Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Couple of Firsts

Today was Wyatt's first time staying in the church nursery! (His first time staying with someone other than a family member too) He does really well in church with us ( Actually at all 3 churches we went to here in SA, we had an older lady come up to us and tell us they couldn't believe how quiet he was.. guess those old ladies are really watching the babies, lol) Anyways, ever since he's been crawling he is a little more wiggly though and I also want to get him familiar with it since that's where he'll stay during MOPS.
I really like how they have it set up. His room is 0-12 month olds. We get a pager when we drop him off and if they need us they just page us and our pager vibrates. Of course we were a little sad to leave him. In fact, when church got out we were walking as fast as we could (without looking crazy) to get to the nursery =) When we went to pick him up he was just busy playing. The 2 ladies told us "he's such a good baby!" which of course made this mama proud. And I told them he would be in there pretty often now and the 1 lady said, "Good, he's an easy one!" =) Here he is on his first nursery day with his backpack....

And of course after noticing the camera he had to take off for it...

I just bought one of those mesh feeders so we tried it out for the first time this afternoon. We froze some peaches and put a slice of peach in it. When we gave it to him he started laughing! It was cracking us up (so of course I grabbed the camera).. I think he was laughing because it was so cold.

After he got the giggles out of him, he went to town on his peaches! He. loved. them.

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