Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

We had an awesome, awesome Easter Sunday! Our church service was an amazing time of celebrating that Jesus is ALIVE! Our Easter tradition after church is to head to Fredericksburg for the day. And it also happened to be Tyler's mom's birthday so we were able to celebrate with her too! The Easter bunny visits Grandma's house, so the egg hunt was ready to go =) And Wyatt had such a blast! (I have to say that we went to the big easter egg hunt on Saturday at our church.... And that was not quite Wyatt's style! He was so antsy to go get the eggs but we had to wait until it was time, and then when it was time he threw himself on the grass and had a nice 2 year old tantrum, haha... there were just to many people and to much going on) So anyways, a hunt all by himself was right up his alley....

(You know how it's weird hearing your own voice on video.. yeah, that's how I feel about this one, LOL)

 This picture makes me laugh... he was SO serious, lol
 He loved opening them all up
 He especially loved the ones that "crushed" and had "sprinkles"

He was saying, "RAIN!" =)

And this picture just makes my heart HAPPY...
Wyatt has been in a major anti-camera stage for a few months now. It has been impossible to get pictures of him (and with him), which is the main reason I also haven't blogged near as much! lol I have very few pictures since he turned 2. We figured we'd give it a try and I am SO happy to have a good (recent) family picture again =) Maybe he is coming out of his anti-camera phase!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating!

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