Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where in the world....


 I promise I am not finished blogging! Popping in for a quick update and then hope to be back to post some pictures from our summer so far!

We received our first foster placement, a 4 month old baby girl, on May 30th. I am not able to post her face or name publicly. Originally, I was going to post updates on her case/the process of fostering but now that we are in the middle of it I don't feel comfortable doing that publicly either. So I am setting up another blog that will be by invite only. I have a lot of friends who are supporting us so much on this journey, but it is so hard to update friends and family every time something new comes in. But I will post detailed updates on the private blog so ya'll can just check that if you don't hear from me otherwise. =)

It took Wyatt awhile to adjust to not having my full attention every second of the day! And he still has his "moments." After a month now, we are in our new groove though as a family of 4 so things are getting back to "normal" feeling now.

I plan on posting pictures from my Dad's 30 year retirement from the Air Force, our trip to North Texas for a wedding, my family's trip out, and a 2 year old update on Wyatt!
Happy Summer!
(I will be sending invites out to family and the friends I know of for the foster blog. Not sure who reads this blog anymore, but if you want the link let me know ;) )

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