Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dad's 30 Year Air Force Retirment

I cannot let my Dad's retirement ceremony go by without posting about it! Back in May, (just 1 week before we got our foster baby girl) my parents flew me, Tyler, and Wyatt out to Georgia for my Dad's 30 year retirement ceremony from the Air Force. I am so thankful... this was an occasion not to be missed. The Air Force had to kick my dad out.. he was the highest rank (Chief Master Sergeant) and had the maximum years of service. He loves his Air Force and his country. The Air Force took him ALL OVER the world with assignments/trainings in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Dakota, Georgia, and Germany. He served in deployments to Guam, Qatar, Korea, and Afghanistan. And anyone who knows my dad knows that he didn't just serve our country, but he positively impacted so many people along the way. I could not be more proud of him =) And how could I not also mention my mom.... the most amazing, incredible, strong, devoted military wife there has ever been! (And they are also celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this month too!) I love you both =)

Pictures from the ceremony...
The guest book table 

 The food

The table with alllllll his memorabilia

My mom and her 3 sisters! All 3 of them flew down from Minnesota. I was able to see aunts, uncles, and cousins that I hadn't seen in a few years!

Dad and one of my cousins, RP

Our family =)

My dad with his parents, also from Minnesota

Dad was presented with so many awesome gifts

Me and "little" bro

Dad and brothers... we still have Air Force in the family! =)

I also have tons of video footage from all the speeches that were given. It could not have been more awesome and my dad could not have been more deserving. Funny thing is.... he's not completely done with the Air Force! Mom, Dad, and Chan are all settled in their new home in North Carolina where my dad will be teaching Air Force Junior ROTC at a public high school! He has just over 100 cadets (high schoolers) in the program and he is going to be AWESOME in his 2nd career =) Love you Dad!

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