Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dad-to-be and other Preggo Ramblings

So now that I've got a handful of posts going and am getting into the groove of blogging myself... afterall, in case you didn't know, I am a HUGE blog reader... I have a list of favorite blogs that I follow and read regularly... anyways, I may sometimes post about things that are just not that interesting. The only reasons I decided to start a blog are 1) to update family and friends throughout the pregnancy and 2) just for plain 'ol documentation. So if I have a blog here and there that are just not that great, it's probably for my own sake.
Also, I don't intend for my blog to just be about my pregnancy. It's just the biggest thing going on right now. Eventually I'll have a little more diversity to my blog, hopefully. ha

So I had to make sure I wrote about dad-to-bes experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I had heard about it before... that it is possible for the dad to experience pregnancy symptoms, but I always thought that sounded SO weird. Why would that happen..? How? When he is not the one growing a baby? That I still can not answer, however, I can say that it IS. TRUE. ! Sorry to throw you out there, Tyler! But it is just so weird, it's funny!
Tyler's symptoms:
- He now wakes up in the middle of the night to pee. Very frequently. I don't think he EVER woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night before I was pregnant. So funny.
- I've never heard him say, "I'm tired" so much in the middle of the day! (Tyler is one that needs very little sleep to function and refuses to "waste his time" by taking a nap.) He'll now lay on the couch and close his eyes for a "catnap" something I have never witnessed him to willingly do. So sleepy...
- And his appetite has increased right along with mine! Except he has to actually work to keep his weight down, whereas I'm supposed to be packing it on!
Sorry honey, but I'm so glad we can experience this together!

Pretty soon I am going to post a blog with a list of the books I am reading (all pregnancy related for now). But I did want to mention that I just started a new one, Nine Months Strong by Karen Bridson, and it is excellent. The author runs marathons and basically compares Labor and Delivery to a marathon and writes about preparing for the big event by staying physically fit through exercise. Now I have to admit, I have not been the best at exercising regularly (keyword!) so far. My excuse is vacations and having company, ect. But right now I have no excuse. And who doesn't want to be as prepared as possible for giving birth? I know I do! And I have a good friend, Jamie, who just had her first baby in January, who stressed to me how important exercise is for giving birth and recovering and getting back in shape after the birth. So that is my new focus right now! (instead of sleep. Although that is important right now too)

Last but not least.. I am trying a new recipe tonight! Shrimp and Red Pepper Rigatoni (except I am using penne). But for now.. off to get started on that fitness program! That I just publicly committed myself too =/

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