Sunday, July 25, 2010

19 weeks

How far along? 19 weeks.. almost halfway! Can't believe it!

Size of baby? 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces

Total weight Gain/Loss? Up 9 lbs

Maternity Clothes? I did buy my very first maternity shirt! It is a tank top from Target. SO much more comfortable than my pre-preggo clothes. My pre-preggo tight shirts are busting at the seams and my pre-preggo loose shirts are now tight! Will be needing new tops very soon. Still wearing pre-preggo bottoms, but only because of my Bella Band! I will be needing maternity bottoms though, because even with the Bella Band, my bottoms aren't going to last.

Gender? 15 days...

Movement? ahhhhh, amazing. The "flutters" have gotten stronger and more pronounced and movement is slowly getting more and more frequent. I feel movement pretty much after every meal I eat and then of course, when I lay down for bed at night. Still can't feel movement on the outside of my tummy though.

Sleep? Still awesome for the most part. I get up to use the bathroom but fall right back to sleep and am still able to get plenty comfortable.

Symptomns? Thoughts of food consume my thoughts.. is that a symptomn?! haha. No really, food tastes soooo good and I am hungry from morning to night. ("starving!" at times!) Frequent bathroom breaks, which I can't believe are only going to get worse. Still have crazy nasal congestion/nose bleeds, I sneeze. all. the. time. Everday, many, many times. Weird, huh? That's really it right now, life is good again!

Belly Button? ummm.. it feels.. different, lol. Come on Terrie, I was counting on what you told me! haha just kidding. It is definitely more shallow though as my belly has become more round!

What I am looking forward to? 15 days... see above.

Best moment of the week? It happened twice actually over the weekend...I felt my belly get really tight/hard in one little spot. When I felt it with my hand, it was obviously one little baby part (foot, knee, elbow,.. ??) The best part.... Tyler was able to feel it too. <3 We haven't felt movement on the outside, but it was one spot and then it slowly went away. SO. SO. AWESOME. There IS a baby in there!! I am slowly starting to be able to believe it......


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