Friday, December 30, 2011

1st Birthday Party

Wyatt's 1st birthday party was a blast! I think it's true that the first birthday is more for the parents than the baby... we were the ones who blew out his candle and opened all the presents! lol
We were originally going to  have the party at our house, but as the guest list grew we quickly realized we needed to have it somewhere else. We ended up using the clubhouse/community room of our apartment complex. I had already planned all the decorations out for our house before we decided to relocate it, so the room's dark red walls and decor kind of took away from the white and blue of the Winter ONEderland. I didn't do to good of a job with pictures, but here's what I got!

I had so much fun making his birthday banner...

His picture banner was hard to take a picture of, but it looked really cute! I used the pictures I took of him every month in his rocking chair and just tied them to garland with ribbon =)

The pool table got covered with snow, icicles, and snowballs =)

The cakes were on that table too... we just handmade the cake and smash cake. 

This punch was deeelicious!

I didn't even get a picture of all the food!! We did a dip party for the food and it was all in the kitchen with more snowflakes from the ceiling. The dips were: 
Corn and Cheese Dip
Veggies and Dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Graham Crackers
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip with Chocolate Teddy Grahams

I made little labels for all the dips that matched the "icicles" and "snowballs" labels in the picture above. Totally bummed I didn't get a picture of those, lol. (The Mr. said I overdid it because even with 14 adults we had so much leftover =/ I honestly couldn't decide which dips to make so I just made them all, haha, and family brought some of them too!)

And then I made his highchair banner:

Wyatt, Grandma and Grandpa Christians and Uncle Chandler

This little guy is such a lover... he gave lots of good hugs to everyone! I wish I had gotten more pics of him hugging everyone, but here he is with Uncle Jason

It took him a little bit to get going on his cake, but once he did it literally looked smashed when he was finished =)
Singing Happy Birthday..

As for presents... he pretty much had no interest, lol. There's a couple good pictures though =)

We had a slideshow of pictures going on the TV behind us. For games we did a Wyatt trivia game... Aunt Ashly won, getting every question right!! (It had questions like "What was Wyatt's first food?" "When did he take his first steps?" ect. some of the questions were pretty hard so it was multiple choice) And then a "Guess How Many Cheerios are in the Jar" game that Uncle Chandler won. 

 And finally.... the video we made of Wyatt's 1st year!
(having problems uploading it =/)

We are so thankful to all of our family (everyone drove anywhere from 1-5 hours) that came to help us celebrate Wyatt's first year of life! You all helped us make it so special for him. Thank you for loving him so dearly =)

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