Tuesday, December 27, 2011



 (we didn't get his hair cut, we just trimmed his bangs because they were in his eyes =) )

  • Wears size 4 diapers
  • Weighs 21.5 lbs. and is 30.75 inches tall
  • Wears some 12 month clothes but mostly 18 month 
  • Has 8 teeth
  • Has started being a little pickier for meals.. he'll love something one day and then refuse to eat it the next. I read this is normal for toddlerhood though, so I guess we have officially arrived! 
  • Shakes his head "yes" and "no"
  • Points to his head and tummy for "Where's your head?" and "Where's your tummy?"
  • Does the sign for "All Done" when he is finished eating
  • Pats/rubs your back when he is getting rocked
  • Loves playing with cups in the bathtub... filling them up with water and dumping it out
  • Loves playing with spatulas and pots and pans. If I am in the kitchen cooking he is only happy if he is on the floor next to me with a spatula and a pot.

  • Started imitating us... so when I sweep, he acts like he is wiping the floor. I got him a little broom to "help" me. When I dust I give him a washcloth and he "helps" me wipe =) 

  • Attempts to climb up and on every.thing. We are in trouble when he starts being successful at his climbing attempts!
  • Stacks blocks all by himself
  • Fed himself with a spoon for the first time at our Christmas Day dinner! He scooped up some mashed potatoes and put it straight in his mouth and ate it =) He mostly just puts food on his spoon then picks it up again off his spoon and eats it, lol
  • Says his first animal sound! "What does a bee say?" and he says "bzzzzz" (Taught by his Grandma and Grandpa Christians) =)
  • Is such a cuddler.. he gives hugs all day long and loves to just sit on my lap. I know that won't last so I am loving it =)
  • And for the best news of all...... He totally weaned himself from the bottle!!!!!!!! I had him down to just 3 bottles a day. While my family was here for Christmas, he was slowly taking less and less of his bottle (formula) until right when they left a couple days ago, he basically wouldn't even drink out of it. He's gone to bed 2 nights in a row now without one. I don't plan on using them again! I wasn't looking forward to that process so I am ecstatic he basically did it on his own! WooHoo! He drinks water and soy milk now out of sippy cups =) 

We cannot even put in to words how fast Wyatt's first year flew by. We can truly understand now when other parents and grandparents say that it goes by in the blink of an eye. We have so many wonderful memories from the past year and our lives are just so full with the happiness that Wyatt brings to our home. (We've probably never been so tired, but so happy!) =) 

More new posts coming soon from the birthday party and Christmas!

I love looking back through Wyatt's monthly posts.. It is amazing how quickly you forget things that seem so big when you are going through them! For his 2nd year, I plan on doing updates every 3 months... so 15, 18, 21, and 24 months. 

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