Thursday, June 10, 2010

12 weeks

How far along? As of today, 12 weeks/4 days... but I meant to post this when I was exactly 12 weeks.
Size of baby? The size of a PLUM! 2.1 inches long and weighs .49 oz.

Total weight Gain/Loss? Up 2 pounds
Maternity Clothes? None yet. I plan to make my clothes last as long as I can!
Gender? We don't know yet
Movement? In about 1 month or so, and I. can't. wait.
Sleep? Excellent!!! Enjoying it while I can =)
Symptomns? If I did this about a month ago, I could have listed every symptomn in the book. This week though = Running to the bathroom to pee all day, eating anything and everything all day long, still experiencing some of that awful tiredness, and just a little nauscea in the evening. (I think the vomitting is finally a thing of the past though!)
Belly Button? Still inny, but it is moving up! as my bump moves out, haha. Funniest thing!
What I am looking forward to? Another appointment with my NEW DOCTOR on Tuesday, the 15th. a.k.a. No more military hospital! I am now going to Women's Physicians of Jacksonville at St. Luke's Hospital.
Best moment of the week? All week I have been hearing, "You are starting to show!" It's fun having people notice my bump. In the beginning everyone said I probably wouldn't show until 4 or 5 months. So hearing that at 3 months, I am starting to get a little worried. hehe Just kidding. Right now I could hide it if I wanted to... but why would I want to do that?! ;)

I haven't decided if I am going to post weekly or just monthly updates. I think I'll shoot for weekly, but if I miss some weeks here and there I won't stress over it. This is such a fun way of documenting my pregnancy!


  1. This post earned 2 fist pumps! :) Love ya!

  2. I just saw this comment, it cracked. me. up. lol I feel so proud to earn fist pumps from Jamie, haha.



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