Sunday, June 13, 2010

13 Weeks

13 weeks... 189 days to go. It is hard to believe I will have a baby in my arms come Christmastime =)

I'm not going to do a survery today since I just did it a few days ago. I am just going to leave you with some pictures. I took a few pictures at 5 weeks (right after we found out) and baby was the size of a sesame seed (Yes, the one on your hamburger bun!) And I also have a couple more belly pictures I haven't shown yet.

In the beginning...

Then I snapped a 9.5 week picture after I came in from the pool one day....
You can see a little bump right under my belly button.

Then I have the 12 week picture I posted in my last blog...

And this final one is my (just about) 13 week picture, another "after the pool" shot...
It seemed like my bump moved UP, and now I think it will be moving OUT from here on, haha.
Sorry for the lack of face in most of these pictures. I pick the worst time to decide to take these and just don't want my face in them. I'll try and do better about that.. I feel headless in these pictures.
Today, baby is the size of a small peach.. 2.9 inches long and weighs just .81 oz.
We will be on vacation for week 14 with Tyler's family, but I'll be back at week 15 with an update and new picture!

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