Tuesday, June 1, 2010

April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010 is a day I will never forget. Much like October 17, 2003 (the day Tyler proposed) or May 29, 2004 (our wedding) or February 12, 2005 (the day Tyler came home from Iraq). I think we all have dates that will always stay in our mind… whether they are good or bad. But they stand out and we remember specific details unlike any other days. And April 15th is one of those days.

Nearing 6 years of marriage, we were in the midst of a struggle that very few people knew… starting a family. I never wanted people to know that we were “trying” because I wanted it to be a surprise when our time finally came. But when the months turn to years it becomes apparent that things are not going to go as planned. Without going into a whole lot of detail, we were told that we would need the assistance of modern medicine and a fertility specialist to get pregnant, most likely, in-vitro fertilization. Our chances of getting pregnant without assistance were just too low. Can I just stop here and say... I am so glad we have a God Who performs miracles even today! Who is bigger than anything we can ever imagine! Whose thoughts are higher than our own! Who loves us and knows the desires of our hearts and blesses us when we don’t even deserve it!

So on this particular Thursday, I was now about 5-7 days “late.” The thought of actually, truly, being pregnant doesn’t even cross my mind. I know our chances. I know how long it’s been. I now know what it is going to take to get pregnant and I just know I am not. (We had not even had our consultation with the fertility clinic yet) That evening, we go out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, LaNapolera. My husband, being the crazy, exciting person that he is ;) convinces me… “Just take a test!” I finally agree to it. I’ve seen negative tests before… what’s another one I figure? We stop by CVS and bring one home. Of course I know that I am supposed to take it in the morning and it is 9:00 at night but Tyler is quite convincing. We shut the bathroom door and are hanging out in the bedroom. When we looked at the clock we realized over 10 minutes had gone by! I tell Tyler to get up and open the door and look at it first, lol. I am right behind him though as he opens the door and we both peer down at it at the same time. No mistaking it… 2 PINK LINES!

Tears instantly starting streaming down my face and I’ve never felt such an outburst of praise as I did in that moment. I kept thinking in my head, “God did this. He did it!” Tyler on the other hand, looked like he had seen a ghost. “There’s TWO lines!” he yelled over and over. We just embraced each other. I will never forget those brief moments in time. I think we can both say we have never felt so shocked or surprised in our lives. Once we got over the initial shock, Tyler said a precious prayer that left me in tears all over again. Then we grabbed the camera and snatched a few pictures (of course!)

I love how God works. Had we gotten pregnant earlier on in the previous years we would have never known what a miracle it was. He lovingly allowed us to get to the point of finding out that we would not get pregnant on our own, before bringing along this blessing. We can now do nothing but give glory to Him! There is always purpose in the pain. There is always purpose in the waiting.
I love that this child was prayed for many, many times and is a direct answer to prayer. Truly extraordinary!!!

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