Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goodbye Naval Hospital!

Today I had my first appointment at our new Doctor's office. First a little background... we have, of course, always gone to the hospital on the Naval base here in Jacksonville. Tyler's insurance we were under, Tricare Prime, covers everything 100% on base for the entire pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. Our first appointment on base at 10 weeks and 5 days (including the ultrasound) was less than desirable. To save time (mine and yours, but mostly yours) ha, I'll just say the facilities are not nice, the majority of the staff is unprofessional, and the atmosphere is not a very welcoming one. The appointment was not personable in any way and we were very disappointed, to say the least.

And here is the part where I gush over how awesome Tyler is! He spent 2 full weeks diligently researching doctors and hospitals in Jacksonville. And several visits to the Tricare office getting ALL the wonderful details about switching to Tricare Standard (which allows us to see civilian doctors). This requires us to pay some out-of-pocket expenses so he wanted to be certain the financial information/coverage details he was getting were right. So, thank you so much Tyler for putting so much time into finding good care for me and the baby. You are the best!

We decided to make the switch on our insurance to ensure we get the BEST medical care we can find! We found a group of 4 doctors at Women's Physicians Of Jacksonville that we really liked. However, we really wanted to deliver at Baptist South, and this group delivers at St. Luke's Hospital. We decided to go with the doctors at WP of Jax anyways since both hospitals were about the same distance from our house and we knew St. Luke's was still a nice hospital as well. So we settled for the doctors we wanted at our second choice hospital.

And here is where God steps in (once again) ...... we go to our appointment today and one of the first things they tell us is... "We are now switching to Baptist South and will be delivering there exclusively starting in September." !!! We couldn't believe it. We are getting the doctors we wanted and at the hospital we wanted!! There was NO way WE could have made that happen, haha. Another wonderful blessing.

Here is a link to my doctors: http://www.wpjax.com/staff.php
Today I saw Dr. Wrennick, but they said I will see all them throughout my appointments. That way come delivery time, whoever is on call will be delivering and I will be familiar with all of them. The facilities at the office were VERY nice. Today we met with a total of 5 staff members and had a good experience with all of them (Front desk lady, Nurse, Dr., Benefits/Finance lady, and checkout/scheduling lady). All caring, considerate, and professional.
* When we were checking in at the front, I asked the lady if I would be peeing in a cup because I needed to pee. She said yes, so I told her I would wait then. She said she would let the nurse know. We sat down for maybe 10 seconds and they called me right back (and we were still early!) just so I could pee in the cup. haha
* It was mostly just a new patient appointment and meet everyone type of thing. But it was much more personable. The Dr. asked when we met, got married, where Tyler was stationed, ect.
* The only baby related thing they did was listen to the heartbeat! This was the first time we heard it, 13 weeks and 2 days. She said it was in the 150's and sounded great! And of course we could not stop smiling after hearing it! SO, SO awesome!!!

We are SO happy with our decision to go through the headache of switching insurance and researching the benfits and coverage and switching Doctors! And especially thankful that they just happen to be switching to the hospital we wanted too! It has been such a huge worry on both of us and we feel so relieved now.

P.S. I already go back again tomorrow for another ultrasound! They are going to do the first trimester screening (base didn't do it). And we get to bring in a DVD and they record the whole ultrasound for us!!



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