Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Laundry, Tomatoes, MOPS, & Open Gym

A little bit of everything!

I had to buy some more Washing Soda and Borax last week to make another big batch of our homemade laundry detergent and figured I should do a follow up just in case anyone was curious... this was the 1st time I had to buy this stuff since October!! So it looks like it will cost about $10.00 every 4 months for laundry supplies! Cha-ching! That is a huge savings compared to what we were spending for the HE Tide and Snuggle dryer sheets and fabric softener. Other than when my family was here over Christmas, I have not used either the dryer sheets or fabric softener and our clothes are perfectly clean and soft =) (I still have some Tide and Snuggle that I don't want to throw away so I'll use it when we do laundry for company until it is gone.) I do not see any reason why we would ever go back.... it's super easy, saves money, and is supposedly healthier... what's not to love?!

Next up... tomatoes! So, I do not have a green thumb at all. I love flowers and plants in the house but I've never kept anything alive for very long. And now with cats that eat the plants and a toddler who would dig in the dirt, you will not find a live plant in my house for a while. BUT, I have always loved gardens! Both of my grandmas had gardens and I always loved eating fresh vegetables straight out of the garden!(A part of me wishes I could live on a farm in the country and have a biggg garden... I don't know why, I don't really like to get dirty or work outside, haha) Anyways, I did some research on Container Gardening and decided to give it a try this year! Here is my one and only tomato plant....

I bought the plant like that and transplanted it into the pot. I am also going to try cucumbers, but I am starting those from seeds so they aren't quite ready to be planted yet. I am just hoping and praying for 1 little tomato!! haha I will be so excited if I even get 1! I am completely ready for it to be a total fail though, lol.

This morning we had a MOPS play date at Alamo Gymnastics... Open Gym! Speaking of MOPS... next year I am going to be joining the steering team as the MOPPETS Coordinator! The steering team is made up of all the positions needed to run MOPS (Lead Coordinator, Assis. Coordinator, Outings, Crafts, Prayer and Care, Treasurer, Hospitality, ect.) The MOPPETS Coordinator is in charge of the curriculum, craft supplies, snacks, sign-in sheets, and name tags for all the kiddos! I am very excited to get even more involved with MOPS! But back to Open Gym... Wyatt had a blast! I am so happy to have learned about this place. They have Open Gym every Monday and Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 for 5 bucks! 

The kids loved this big foam pit! 


Then, we sat outside with some friends and had a snack =)

I'll be back on Sunday! Hope everyone is having a good week!

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