Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My heart is overwhelmed with JOY today! Not only am I blessed to have such an awesome mom and a wonderful mother-in-law but I get to be MOM to the most adorable little boy. It is such a gift to be able to experience motherhood and one that I do my very best at never taking for granted. My boys made my day extra special and I am so thankful =)

Wyatt checking out the card he gave me

 Our "before church" picture... getting a picture with this kid is next to impossible right now

It's tradition at our church for the men to sing "Beautiful Savior" to the ladies on Mother's Day =)

 After church, we went out for lunch at Logan's Roadhouse

 Then we came home and took 2 hour naps! It doesn't get any better! hehe
Tickling after nap =)

 One little monkey jumping on the bed!
 Going out....

....for snowcones!

 Funny story - On our way to lunch we drove down a really big hill so Tyler and I put our hands up in the air like a roller coaster and said "weeeeeee!!!" Wyatt just laughed at us. Well, later today when we were driving home from getting snow cones, I turn around to Wyatt saying "eeeee!" with his hands up in the air!!! We weren't even going down a hill, but it cracked us up =) (It looks like he's praisin' Jesus in the picture, haha)

I couldn't have asked for a better day!

I loved this post from Ann Voskamp this past week, The Habit of a Mother Who Changes the World. I pray that it will always be my priority to give the very best of myself as a wife and mom and never just "leftovers." These 2 guys deserve the best! =)

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