Thursday, October 6, 2011

David Crowder* Band Concert

Our David Crowder* Band concert was awesome!! Just as we suspected it would be. Funny story... On our way to Austin I was looking at the tickets and I noticed there was no seat/row number. It just said General Admission. We were like, hmmm, that's weird, well good thing we are getting there early! And we already knew it was at an outside amphitheater. So we're standing in line and after about 45 minutes (and still 30 minutes before doors open) the lady behind us is talking on the phone to her friend and she says, "Well, it's all standing only so it really doesn't matter what time you get here." We looked at each other like "whaaaaa?!" Standing only?! Sure enough, the opening night of The 7 Tour was at Stubb's Bar-B-Que in downtown Austin at gravel outdoor venue. But it was a blast!!

The line started at that blue tent that you can hardly see... It went all the way to the corner..
And down this street..
And then before doors opened, it turned and started going down that service road!

Gungor.... they.were.amazing!! Take some time to check out some of their songs!

 David Crowder!!

David Crowder* Band

Now for some video footage!! Warning *This is horrible video footage.. remember, standing only, people everywhere* HA

Make sure your speakers aren't up to loud on this one..

They played one of the Mrs. favs, O Praise Him (this is just the end of it)...

We had such fun a time! There were a couple fun things they did but we don't want to spoil anything for the Mrs.'s family who is going to see them in November in Panama City, FL! 
(Wyatt did just perfect going to bed for his Gammy and big Thank You to her for coming down and watching him for us =) )

-Mr. and Mrs.

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