Friday, October 7, 2011

Park Time!

So the other day (singular) we had a (singular) fall like day (singular). Did I mention it felt like fall for. just. one. day!!!! Well more like half a day, it was hot (like summer) again by noon.

Anyways, we took advantage of our HALF day of fall by going to a local park. It was awesome!

W finally got to go down a slide for the first time. He didn't know what to think at first. I'm sure he was confused, slightly scared and then, wham, an evil smile crept across his face. I say evil because I know he was smiling about the inert "dangerous" feeling he just experienced. After all he is my son and those of you who know me personally can attest to my attraction to danger as a kid. Here's a video of his first slide experience, look for the evil smile at the very end.

W also got to go in a swing for the first time, this however, truly did confuse him and I still don't think he knows what happened. All the same to him, his parents were overjoyed, well his mother mostly! I was still thinking about the intermission just minutes before where W lit up like fireworks when he discovered the tunnel!

Whoa, getting distracted, here's a video of the swing. Look at his face and tell me he doesn't look genuinely confused.

Now back to the tunnel, yes the tunnel was AWESOME. W and I agree on this so that makes it a fact, check him out! HE LOVED IT. I can only imagine the awesome dungeon or cave or pirate ship or space ship he was imagining to be in. Yes, I cannot wait to play "pretend" with my little guy, we are gonna have the coolest adventures. Ok I'll stop jabbering, here's your video....

So, that was our trip to the park to enjoy our half day of fall. I should point out one more time, as ordered by the MRS. that these were all firsts for W, the swing, the tunnel, and the slide. Hope you enjoyed our time at the park. 

P.S. yes we did geocache while there, here we are with our booty that we scavenged from the park villagers after running ashore in our ship(tunnel)!

P.S.S you didn't really think we would leave the park without W eating some mulch did you?

Ok, really that's all folks!


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