Monday, September 5, 2011

Bullet Points

  • My family flew in from Georgia for the weekend... we had. a. blast! A post on that coming soon!

  • Wyatt is doing really good in his swim class! He has 2 more weeks so I haven't been able to video him, but his instructor let me take some still photos. Here he is floating!

  • This morning it actually started feeling like FALL!! It was cool and breezy, we even opened the windows for a little bit. We are soooo ready for cooler weather!
  • The Mr. is really, really enjoying his pilot program. He starts flying this week!
  • Wyatt and I start MOPS next week! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. =) I actually got a paid position working with the "Moppets" for my church's other MOPS group (we have 2!) but then we were told that they would not need us because they were going to be using teachers from the church's childcare program. So that was a bummer, BUT we were told that the Concordia childcare director would be contacting us for some other part-time positions with the childcare. I plan on calling her this week, so keep that in your prayers that maybe something will work out there! 
  • We are counting down until September 28th!!!!! The David Crowder Band concert!!! "The 7 Tour" One of our all time favorite bands... more to come on that too!

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