Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy 9 months!

  • Weighs 19.5 lbs. and is 29 inches tall (he had a great check-up with his Dr. today!)
  • Wears size 3 diapers
  • Just moved up into 12 month clothes (for everything.. play clothes, onsies, pjs, ect.) 
  • Is on the same schedule he was at 8 months (sleeping 6:00 pm - 6:00 am with 1 night feeding, then a morning nap and afternoon nap)
  • Has 6 teeth! 4 on top, 2 on bottom
  • Is in his last week of ISR!!! Video coming soon!
  • Added grapes, blueberries, cherries, whole wheat pasta, and egg yolk to his menu since last month. He LOVES blueberries. They are like ice cream to him! He does good with the pasta. I add formula to his egg yolk so it's kinda like scrambled eggs, he's a big fan of that too! 

  • Would rather feed himself (i.e. finger foods) than have me feed him pureed foods.... I think my days of pureeing his baby food have come to an end =( 
  • MUST have his own spoon if I am feeding him with a spoon. So he's holding a spoon and I have a spoon. Then he realizes my spoon is the one with food on it, so he takes mine and I take his. But "my" spoon still has the food on it, so we switch again... and we go back and forth switching spoons =) He has a fascination with spoons, I had to buy another pack because they were always all dirty!

  • Loves opening and closing doors
  • Chases the cats.... he can't catch them quite yet but man, they are going to be in for it!
  • Plays airplane with Daddy

  • Loves his big truck

  • Eats more paper than I'd like to admit! (as I posted on Facebook a couple days ago) The toilet paper I can understand, but he finds receipts and magazines and envelopes and paper towels... I dig paper out of his mouth at least once a day, ha. 

(and see that child safety lock on the toilet?? Well he can take it off =o !)

  • Is cruising even faster along the furniture and stands up on his own for about 5 seconds before he plops down. He does really good with his walker! Too bad I don't have any video footage of him using it the correct way, but he also does this.... 

The months are really starting to fly by now!! *sigh* Wyatt, you have our hearts so full of joy they could just pop! 

-Mr. and Mrs.

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