Wednesday, September 21, 2011

David Crowder Tribute Part 1 The Mr's take

Everyone has their favorite band. You could even say that most couples have their favorite band. Are they ever the same? In our case, that is me and the Mrs, yes they are.  So you're asking who is yall's* favorite band, ha, what other band could it be than The David Crowder Band!

Who is the David Crowder band and where did they come from? What type of music do they play? Etc. Etc. Hey calm down people, I'm gettin' there.**

Here's a quick rundown; pulling from a hazy memory so don't quote me here...
David Crowder and a handfull of his college buddies starting a college church in Waco, Tx. Can't remember the year but it's not important. Moving on, so being a talented musician Crowder naturally takes the lead as the music director/ praise band leader guy. Crowder puts together this praise band*** with his buddies and play electric rock (not techno rock). Then the praise band starts to become popular for their songs and they begin to branch out from their church with local concerts and gigs. This popularity grows exponentially until they become who they are today, the same guys just with lots more fans.

So, a typical music band story right? Ya you could say that but the characters in the band are far from typical and their not-so-typicality comes out in volumes in their music videos. Here take a look...


So you probably picked up a little "craziness" from these guys huh? They are definitely a high energy bunch, but the coolest part is their message, Jesus Christ! So here they are today, infinitely popular while staying true to their message and their style (straight weird and quirky). 

Now, to answer the question rattling around your head, why a random post for these guys? 
Unfortunately, the answer is a sad one. The David Crowder Band is calling it quits this year. The band members all have different reasons but their seems to be one central them among them all which is to go back to college and/or spend more time with their families. This is a reasonable desire considering none of them set out to become super popular and tour the entire country all year long. All they originally set out to do is start a church, play some music, and bring people to Christ. I'd say they did all that and a lot more. 

Thanks David Crowder Band for all the great songs, awesome videos, and more importantly all the souls you helped bring to Christ's Kingdom. God Bless all of you on your future endeavors.


*Ya I'm from Texas, yall is a word down here.
** I talk to my self in third person a lot, sorry.
***Just felt like adding three stars here for no reason, well more like in honor of David Crowder's quirkyness. Read some of his blog and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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