Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

My parents and Chandler flew in from Georgia last Thursday and stayed until Monday. After seeing them at least monthly when we lived in Florida, not seeing them for almost 6 months felt like for.ever. We are so glad they flew out for a visit! We all know families are a little "crazy" (that's what makes them so fun) but I never laugh as hard as when I'm with my parents! They are a hoot! I love it. =) And my "baby" brother is not quite a "baby" anymore... he has grown so much the last few months!
Here's what we caught on camera....

Wyatt and his Grandpa Christians.. this was before we left for swim. They were able to come see swim class on Friday morning so that was cool. They thought it was pretty awesome =)

Me attempting to help my 9th grade brother with algebra! I helped a little bit. I tried, ha. 

Lovin' on his Uncle Chan

On Saturday we went out and did some shopping and ate lunch at Pei Wei 

Chandler is way taller than me! He's definitely going to hit 6'!

Dad had to do a little bit of studying.. I have to give him a shout out here, he's in his last 2 classes to get his Dual Master's Degree (Human Resources and Leadership/Management)! He graduates next month, GOOOOO DAD!!

Wyatt said "forget Mom, my Grandma is here!" I didn't see much of him all weekend, hehe ;)


He was spoiled with love..

Uncle Chan reading his bedtime story while he brushes his teeth

Boys will be boys

We played GOLF every night after Wyatt went down

Mr. helping my mom set up her YouTube account for her school project

Sunday morning before church... would you believe it if I told you this was the 1st picture we took? ... it was! (the camera was on the tripod)


Playing, Playing

The guys setting up a geocache

More rough housing

When they left Wyatt, was bored so he had to resort back to playing with the toilet paper......

What I didn't get on camera... hanging out at the pool, going out to eat for Mexican food (of course!), visiting the Lutheran High School, BBQing, geocaching, and naptime =) (We didn't turn the TV on once.. but that's because we don't have cable, ha.) 

Thanks so much for flying out Mom, Dad, and Chan! We miss you already!

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